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Nemesis Ultra Caravan Wheel Clamp

Nemesis Ultra Caravan Wheel Clamp

Product Information

  • Weighing in at just over 3kg and able to fit in a shoe box, installation of this wheelclamp is a simple matter of locate, lock and go.

    The unique feature of the patented design Nemesis Ultra is that the clamp locks to a universal wheel bolt and the clamp itself goes THROUGH the wheel as opposed to AROUND it as with a traditional wheel clamp.
  • Patented design prevents wheel rotation and removal
  • Super slimline design for convenient storage
  • British made lock, resistant to cutting, drilling and gas-freezing.
  • Specifically designed for caravan alloy wheels.
  • Incorporating a British Made anti-pick 9 pin Lowe & Fletcher Lock.

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Price: £109.00

Product Code: FNU200

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